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3 years ago

Log of Email Notifications


Is there a way to check if an automated email notification has been sent out?

We have several notifications set up that go out to a variety of recipients. Some say they are not receiving them, while others in the group are getting them.

We may have a few that say they aren't getting them, but really are. So I'd like to see if we can look at a log or report to verify.

Thank you!

Clarice Dennison

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  • I do not believe there is anywhere that the email notifications are logged.   The only way I can think of would be to CC an address you have access to.

    Jeff Peterson
  • When I ran into this issue in the past, I had to create a support case. 
    The QB support reps could see the history of emails sent out.

    In my case, all of the emails had sent as expected but there was an organization-wide spam filter catching some but not all of the notifications before delivering to user's email.

    Melissa Doran
    Jr Solutions Consultant
    Quandary Consulting Group