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4 months ago

Make a custom button, URL not working as expected?

I used to make custom buttons for dashboards in this way:

Lets pretend I want a button to edit a record, then used NextURL to navigate somewhere after the user saves. I would make the button in any form, it would look something like this:

 URLRoot() & "db/bsw7f8fs5?a=er&rid=1" & 
 "&NextURL=" & URLEncode(URLRoot() & "db/bskibtta8/tablereport?a=q&qid=8")

This is a simple button to edit a record, then navigate to a table report.

When you click the button, you would get something like this:

I could simply copy/paste that URL into a dashboard button, and voila - custom button on my homepage or dashboard.

However, now when I click that custom button, it seems to work for some people, but not work for others (like myself). It makes me think whatever is happening in all the magic code at the end, is somehow not as simple as I think. In my example, that small part of 'bskibtta' towards the end, is the table dbid where the report is held. However, the custom button isnt navigating there, it is trying to navigate to a completely random table in another app. 

Any ideas what is going on? Or a better way to produce a custom button from a dashboard button?

Mike Tamoush
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