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4 months ago

Managing record access for multiple data levels

Hi -- I'm attempting to update access permissions to an existing table which has Records according to 4 different Teams (Team A, B, C, D)  where Team is a field associated with each record.   Each re...
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    4 months ago

    I'm think you need a formula checkbox field as a helper field, called [OK to Show Confidential Section?]

    There is a function called UserRoles("ID")

    which returns a text list of all the role numbers the current user is in  

    You get the two digit Role number by viewing the role and observing the URL string  

    The formula would be something like this

    (Contains(UserRoles("ID"), "12") and [Team]= "Team A")


    )Contains(UserRoles("ID"), "13" and [Team]= "Team B")

    etc for the next 2 Teams.   

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)