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3 years ago

Multiple Conditions IF Formula

I'm trying to create a formula currency field that has both numeric and text fields. Is this possible? This is my formula and the error I'm getting:

If([Total Expenses]+[Total Activity Budget]>[Total Total Contract Amount], [Total Un-Contracted Expenses]+[Total Total Contract Amount], [Total Un-Contracted Expenses],
[Expense Code]="Fringe", "Salaries", "Indirect", [Total Budget])

Bethany Hudson

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  • It's not possible to do that with a formula numeric field as the result needs to be numeric. 

    The closest you can come is to have a formula text field and then convert the numeric result to be text even though it will look like a number. But for example you would not be able to run a total on the column. The messy part about that is getting the formatting correct to show the currency value with a $ sign and decimals. If you want to go that route we can probably help you with a formula.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)