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2 years ago

Need creative solution - maybe using formula queries?

I have a table with a relationship to itself. The table is Inspections. We inspect an asset, and mark satisfactory or deficient.

If the asset is marked deficient multiple times, we link them together via a relationship to itself. The really easy way to do this would be to have a 'master deficiency' with the similar deficiencies as children. Unfortunately, I had trouble with this concept because it was hard to force people into choosing a master deficiency, sometimes the 3rd time it was marked deficient, people would erroneously make that that master, when there already was a master...etc.

I got around this issue by forcing users to 'daisy chain' their deficiencies. ie: DF1 is parent to DF2, which is parent to DF3, which is parent to DF4...etc...

This is working great, but now I want a formula that can show all linked deficiencies in a list. But how can I have a formula, or query that finds any Deficiency in the daisy chain??

Mike Tamoush

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  • Mike,

    Formula Queries + pipeline sound just may the solution. 

    We've something similar where when marking the task as deficient , we run a pipeline parallel which takes the record id of the 'master deficient' task , generated a 'child asset' which has the record id# of the master auto linked via pipeline. We can then use a formula query to do various things with it. 

    This helps simply , as user doesn't have to do anything. I'm not clear how the same asset is generated in your table.

    Prashant Maheshwari