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2 years ago

Need the Annual Evaluation previous year goals rating to not change

I am creating an annual evaluation form for my team and for the goals section so we could track those separately, I created a child table to track the goals. I brought over summary reports in the parent table for previous year goals and new goals. 

What I am struggling with is that next year the previous year rating will not save in let's say the 2023 eval for 2022 - it will auto change so for example if I Opened this form in 2024 - it would change the previous year rating to the 2023 instead of the 2022 it should be. Is there a better way to filter the report or bring over the rating for that previous year or the year before, besides just the previous year summary field. I thought about making a new field and the manager just typing in the rating so it is saved - but I was trying to see if it is possible to be automated and avoid people typing errors.  Adding in a screenshot. thank you so much for your help in advance.

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