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3 years ago

Nested "IF" statements

I'm trying to stay away from code and just use the native functionality of QB for a sales CRM.  I may be stuck.  Here's what I have:

[Stage]="Gained Access",0.2,
[Stage]="Proposed",0.5,                       <any way to make this discretionary, i.e., the rep enters his own #?

This is for tracking a confidence/probability level of closing a sales opportunity.  I'd like to default the confidence factor for everything except a status of "proposed" and make that discretionary for the sales rep.

Michael Murphree

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  • Hi Michael,

    If I'm understanding correctly, you'd be able to accomplish this with a combination of an added numeric field and some conditional formatting in your form.

    For example, you'd create a numeric field called "Proposed Confidence Level" that would only appear in your form "If [Stage] = "Proposed."  Then, you'd update your If statement above to have [Stage]="Proposed",[Proposed Confidence Level].


    Chris Wheatley