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3 years ago

NetSuite Role Permissions to Enable Quickbase Connected Table

Hi Everyone - hopefully a simple question for you all. I am trying to create a connected table in Quickbase pulling from NetSuite. When I go through the steps on Quickbase and enter my credentials for NetSuite, I get a message saying "Your role does not give you permission to view this page".

I have been trying to play with giving my NetSuite role different permissions but nothing seems to have worked yet - anyone else have trouble establishing a connection between NetSuite and Quickbase? Was there a particular permission you needed to flip on the NetSuite side? 

I'd note that I initially tried this with the Administrator role on NetSuite, but it requires 2FA (NetSuite requirement) and this prohibits Quickbase from establishing the connected table. 

Attached image shows the error message I see. 

Thank you!

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  • I had to set this up a while ago and remember gettting this message. I believe that I hadn't set up the SuiteAnalytics Connect yet. 

    I also made a read only copy of the admin role (w/o 2FA) to use as my connection Role ID. 

    Kevin Haigler