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12 months ago

New Form

Hi All,

Has anyone ran into the issue were the form rules will not hide or show the tabs. I have a standard user group, and administrative group. When I set permission to if The user is not administrator hide the admin tab. The user is still able to view the admin tab. 

Willis Taylor

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  • I'm finding that form rules are working very inconsistently. I've added some very simple rules that seem to stop working for no apparent reason after revisiting the rules settings and saving the form. One with two conditions - A and B. I set up the rule with A and it works. I set it up with B and it works. I set it up with A and B and it works. I then added a completely different rule and the first one stopped working. I've spent over an hour trying to get a few rules to work and it's very frustrating, especially with no way to troubleshoot ... all I can do is start again.

    Jeremy Anson
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      To this day Pipelines continue to have MAJOR issues.  I am hoping that the New Form product is not the same.  It is shameful for a product like Pipelines to exist for as long as it has and still have such major flaws and usability issues.

      I am dreadfully worried that New Forms will be the same, and am starting to see a pattern with Quickbase that the release major new product before the issues have been resolved.  As a developer, I do not like to be forced into discovering all the issues myself.  The Product Development team is supposed to do most of this before the issues reach the end user.

      As of today, there are so many issues with the New Forms that it's not worth even trying to adopt them yet, unless you are creating a very basic form that does not need a lot of form rules.