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11 months ago

New forms - alignment of checkboxes doesn't match other fields

Anyone found it annoying that using different fields in a row in the new forms doesn't align well - particularly regarding the checkboxes?

I have a form which has three fields in a row. 

  • Left field - is for data entry and needs a label
  • Middle field produces a warning message depending on the data entered - doesn't need a label
  • Right field is a checkbox, which needs a label

This is how it shows up, which looks funny. 

For the middle field, I could select Custom label and type a space so that it would align better with the left field, but I can't do anything about the checkbox field.  I have several rows of data entry, which makes the offset checkbox for not applicable is hard to tell which line it applies to.

I have put this in the QB feedback. I'm sharing here to ask if anyone has a better workaround, and to get you to like my feedback request.  You'll find it under the heading "New forms - fix alignment for checkboxes with other fields"

This seems like a pretty basic need so I'm surprised it made it through beta like this. I can't imagine I'm the only one who noticed this.

All of our forms currently use the labels to the left rather than above the field. I didn't see a way to have the field to the left using the new forms. If that's possible, then it would fix this and I'll just feel a bit stupid for not figuring that out.

Thanks for reading!

Kim G

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  • Totally annoying. The checkboxes were this way in the old forms too. The problem is the label and the checkbox are both positioned in the label area of the field object. They should add a display option to put the label in the label area and the checkbox in the data area, or move both of them to the data area so they align better with other fields.