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12 months ago

New forms- code

Trying to add a span rich text field in the new form style. I have added a new rich text field, clicked "code" which made the background grey, but when I type in span, it still says span. I have tried adding <> around it but that does not seem to work either. 

Ryan Doble

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  • @Ryan Doble The <> that you see in the menu is not to access the code. It is only to format text as code so the browser doesn't interpret it as code (which is the opposite of what you want it to do). It's the same as if you were using <code></code> in the HTML... basically useless in my opinion.

    For me, this is a HUGE gap in the new vs legacy forms. Please give this feedback to Quickbase.


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    Sharon Faust
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      So, you can't add HTML to the new forms?  Are we stuck with only the "Rich" text editor and the limited options? :(