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4 months ago

New Forms | Saving Glitch

Hello Quickbase Community,

I wanted to ask if you have ever experienced a glitch like this before:

Basically, I'm trying to save the record and Quickbase is telling me that a field was modified before my changes could be saved (even though no one else edited this record), so I review the changes and select Keep, but it won't save no matter how many times I try.

To make it work I have to cut the changes I had made on the specified field, then save the record, then refresh the page and paste the changes back and save the record.

Has anyone faced this scenario before? how do you fix it?

Thank you!

Alberto Tablada
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  • I've seen this, but it was because I had made a change, then clicked Save and Keep Working. My change had triggered a pipeline, which made another change in the record in the background while my view of the record was before the pipeline. If you try to save the record you're on now, it will give you this message. The pipeline was the "other user" modifying the record.

    I have seen and reported at least 4 other bugs in the new forms, so they are definitely not bullet-proof at this point.

    Michael Frishman