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New table report updates: applying changes, remembering your settings, and more

New table report updates: applying changes, remembering your settings, and more

With the Quickbase product release on October 18, 2020, we will be making the new table reports even more convenient. You’ll be able to apply report changes you make on-the-fly and open a table report the way you left it.

The story so far

Over the next few years, we will be refreshing the entire user interface of the Quickbase platform. This will provide a more modern and consistent product experience, prepare us for future support of international characters and accessibility, and speed up our delivery of new features. In 2020, the first step on this journey is launching a brand-new table report experience. We’ve built this from the ground up to provide a more modern and intuitive way for you to get insights from your data.

Timed with our Virtual Empower conference in June 2020, we began an open beta program so all Quickbase users can try out the new report experience. More than 50,000 of you have toggled the new experience on already. We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback, which has helped to shape how new table reports work. For example, many of you told us you wanted Quickbase to remember whether you had opened the column filters. Thanks to your input, the new table reports will now remember whether you left the column filters open or closed when you last used that report.

Read on to learn about the recent improvements we’ve made to the new table report experience.


Apply report changes you make on-the-fly

One of the ways Quickbase helps you gain insight into your data is by enabling you to update a report on the fly. Whether you want to remove a column, or change how a report is sorted or grouped, it’s easy to adjust the display of your data to get your work done.

Our new table report now offers the same Save, Save As, and Revert options you’re used to on our current table report experience.  Many of you told us your users sometimes click Save here and mistakenly overwrite the report for everyone. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve re-located these Save, Save As, and Revert options to the top-right of the report view to address this.

Open a report the way you left it

Many of you drop in and out of various reports in Quickbase throughout the day, so we’ve made it easier to pick up where you left off. When using the new table reports, each report now remembers:

  • whether you opened the column filter tray
  • how you resized the report columns
  • whether you updated the record spacing (relaxed/normal/condensed)

Each report you tweak using one of the options above will remember your selections. This is specific for each user, so the options you use won’t affect how those reports display for your colleagues. 

Pro tip: Want all your reports to use relaxed/normal/condensed spacing? We’ve got you covered. Just click your name in the top-right > My Preferences, then select your preferred UI Spacing.


Easily try the new experience on all your reports
If you turn on the new table report toggle, it will no longer apply to just that report. Instead, it will enable the new experience for all your reports. Have a report where you need to keep using the current experience for now? Click the toggle to disable the new experience, and it will revert just that report to the current experience. This allows you to mark a report as an exception, where you'd prefer to continue using the current experience for now. Keep in mind that the toggle is specific to each user, so you can try the new experience without disrupting others in your company.

What’s next for table reports?

Coming soon, we will address the most common piece of feedback we’ve gotten on the new table reports: the need to filter on fields not included on the report. In the current experience, you can do this with dynamic filters. However, column filters one the new table report experience are limited to fields displayed on the report. We’re working on a filter toolbar, which will allow you to select fields to filter on which are not displayed on the report.


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