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2 years ago

Not able to found the logged in user

I am creating a audit log and want to log the records when deleted by any one through pipeline. But in the user field its picking the pipeline owner name not logged in user.

help required

Ashutosh Kumar

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  • I am pretty sure this question was raised either on this forum here or maybe on the Slack channel and Quickbase staff even weighed in.  

    You would think that you could grab the [last modified by] field and write that value into your audit log but we found that did not work. 

    So I'm pretty sure the only way to do this would be to block users from deleting records but instead give them a check box or some kind of field to request dilation and then have the pipeline do the deletion for them and log the [last modified by] as the deleted by.  The [last modified by] will be the user who requested the deletion as opposed to the Pipeline owner user that actually did the deletion.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)