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Notifications, subscriptions & reminders Settings Question..?

Does anyone have further information or reasoning behind a native QB limitation for the Admin not being able to make a Permission Type setting change on an active (previously built) email Notification..?  The two options are: 
 Recipient: Emails sent to users with access help me choose...
 Open: Emails sent openly to anyone
However, if wanting to switch from one to the other for a pre-existing notification build, it's not possible.  The user/admin would have to delete the pre-existing notification and create a new notification in order to make a Permission type setting change from Recipient to Open, or vice versa.  I've inquired with the Care Team on this as well to ensure I wasn't missing an editable functionality of this feature.

Anyone in the community with more knowledge on why this native limitation is this way, or if they've inquired with QB solutions team about it in the past..?

Thank you!
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  • All I can say is that it's very old functionality, basically unchanged in the last 20 years, and has always been that way.  I'm sure it would take some development work to allow that radio button to be changed and it's likely not an area that they want to focus on now.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
  • Not sure if this would work as a workaround - but - would duplicating the notification before deleting it allow you to make the changes you are trying to do? 

    Hoping it might save a little time vs building it from scratch. 

    Amber Anderson