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5 years ago

November 2019 Quick Base Release

Our Release for November 2019 went live this weekend on Sunday 11/18/19. You can learn more about all the changes in this release and all bug fixes in our full November 2019 Release Notes.

November also kicks off our new format for release notes. We're streamlining the list of feature changes to provide a more concise, easy-to-scan listing of what's in each release. Via new posts here in the Community, we'll provide more in-depth coverage of key new features, explaining how the changes can help you with Quick Base, identifying the use cases features are designed for, and providing examples how features should be used.

This month to kick off this new series of articles you can read about how to Turbocharge your process with Quick Base barcode scanning. 

Release Features
Barcode scanning in Quick Base mobile app
Performance Profiler enhancements
New links to Visual Builder in Settings
Import data into a connected table

Coming Soon
Plan Ahead: New Sandbox to be released in December


Let us know if you have any questions on our November release, the release notes, and any of our product changes right here. Curious how others plan to use the new features, this is a great place to touch base with the Community and see how others are turning these new features in a solution for their problems. 

To keep up with upcoming releases and status updates for the Quick Base Platform you can always check our Status page.

Evan Martinez
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