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November Community Newsletter

November Community Newsletter

November means that for many of us the weather is starting to cool off but here at Quickbase we are warming up for a whole lot of exciting events and announcements. 

Events Hosted by Customer Success 

With November and December being busy months we are combining our November and December Release Review webinars into one on December 8th. Come hang with Customer Adoption Managers Manny De La Cruz and Matthew Brisch as they demonstrate how to take advantage of the newest Notifications enhancement, the new Timeline report, the new customer feedback workflow, and more! 

Register Here 

Looking to connect with others in your industry? If you’re a Quickbase builder looking to collaborate with other builders who share your passions and challenges, we are excited to announce our new Customer Networks. Customer Networks are a place to meet with and get to know others in the fields of Construction, Education, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. 

Sign up here 

Preparing for Automations Retirement 

The next step in the retirement of the Automations feature is coming in January 2022, when the creation of new automations will be disabled. Pipelines is now the recommended solution for orchestrating workflow in Quickbase. Pipelines can handle all the same workflows that Automations can, and adds support for cross-system integration and more powerful business logic. 

Our exciting new Automations-to-Pipelines migration capability is now live and ready to help you prepare to make this transition. This tool is visible on each of your Automations and can help you convert almost any Automation into a Pipeline with just a couple of clicks. Learn more in our help topic. 

Unlock the Power of Formula Queries 

Formula queries allow formulas to operate on data from other records and other tables in the same app – no relationship needed. Formula queries are perfect for builders with experience with formulas looking to unlock even more insights from their data. We are excited to announce that with our October release, Formula queries are now available to all builders. 

Ready to dive in on your own? We have help articles and examples of using formula queries to identify duplicate data and build your own sequential numbering unique to your business to help you get started building your own formula queries. We will also be hosting a formula queries webinar December 16th so make sure to save the date and keep your eyes open for more information. 

Community Articles and How-to 

Performance improvements coming to the New Table Report Style - Learn what UI Virtualization is and what it means for the future of performance on our New Table Reports 

Leveraging Personal Reports – Looking for a resource to help your end users get the most out of Quickbase reports? Learn how end users can use Personal Reports to get their own custom view of data and make day-to-day life at work easier. 

Updating a Triggering Record using Pipelines - Need a way to automate changes in a record when your users input data? Learn how Pipelines can be set up to automate important changes on a record. 

Updating a Child Record when the Parent Record is Modified with Pipelines - Use Pipelines to update manual entry fields on your child records automatically when your parent records change. 

Upcoming Trainings 

Dashboards - November 15th 

Ever wanted to display reports from your other apps, filter data within multiple reports at once, or metrics or key performance indicators? There's a new feature in town called dashboards, and these will revolutionize the way users navigate your app. 

Elevating Your Forms - November 22nd 

If you're looking for new ways to take your forms to the next level, Elevating Your Forms is the right session for you. Join us to learn techniques to take your forms to the next level. 

Advanced Forms - November 23rd 

If you've attended "Elevating Your Forms" or are familiar with working with forms, you're ready for HTML text elements, embedding forms, and cascading dynamic form rules in Advanced Forms. 

Free Fundamentals Training 

Fundamentals Training - December 7th-9th 

New to app building or looking to broaden your skills in Quickbase? Don’t miss our free fundamentals training where you can learn to apply best practices to effectively plan, model, and build your Quickbase apps. 

The Future of Feedback 

Community feedback is a vital part of the process that drives innovation in Quickbase. The ideas and business challenges you share with us inspire the platform to continue to grow to keep you agile while delivering the power you need.  

That is why we are excited to announce our new Feedback experience is live under the Feedback tab on your My Apps page. We hope to hear from you soon! 

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