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3 years ago

Number of days in a given month

Hi All,

I'm working on an uptime report for some devices. Each device checks in everyday. I'd like to show the percentage of check-ins per week and month per device.

Monthly report:
Device A checks in everyday of the month of July ( 31 checks ins), it'll shows 100% check in success.
Device B checks in only 10 times during the month of July is will show 32% check in success.

Would also like to have a weekly report:
Device C checks in once during the week it received a 14% success
Device D checks in five times during the week it receives a 71% success

Right now i've a table with everyday that the device checked in and that is related to another table with the device ID, friendly name, contact and other info.

Any help is much appreciated!!


Pete MacKenzie
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