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3 months ago

Odd question looking for guidance

Background:  Currently I have an app home page set up.  I wanted to add button sized count reports from another app so I created a dashboard with report info and the app home page added below.  Currently the dashboard is accessible via a link on the app home page.

When I add records to any table using the home page, the app saves properly.  When I do the exact same thing from the dashboard, then the app home page, the save never completes.

Question: Is this something that anyone else has experienced and if so, is there a solution to have it operate as normal when saving records?

Sam Nolette

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  • Sam, I have found the same thing, I call it 'Zombie mode' where everything is appearing correctly, however the saving is prohibited.  The embedded report/page is putting you in that state.  If you look at the console, you'll see a warning notifying you of the conflict.  

    QB knows about it and claims it's a safeguard for something....I can't recall what off hand

    Hope this helps

    Jeremy Myer