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2 years ago

Offline mode - is useless??

Has anyone ventured into the offline capabilities? I've found 3 limitations that I think pretty much render it useless (#3 isn't so bad..., but #1 is an incredible oversight).

1. You cannot choose which tables users are allowed to add records to. This means, once you set an app to have offline capabilities. ANY user can add a record to ANY table. The only way you can stop this is to literally take away user add rights - but typically you still want a user to be able to add records to child they can add orphaned records thanks to this oversight.

2. No lookup fields. I understand that this would have to be limited (as you would need to download the field data to a device), but the fact that you can't even choose any to add is quite a limitation.

3. No dynamic form rules. This one is the least troublesome, but still a surprising limitation.

I think #1 essentially renders the entire thing useless (my only work around would be to have a specific app for offline mode, and when new records are added use a pipeline to get the data to your live app).

Does anyone actually use offline mode?


Mike Tamoush
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