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9 months ago

Old Form/New Form Builder/editor

Does anyone know of a way to edit a form created in the old form bulder to the new format? Or import the old form into the new format? 

Jenifer Kerr

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  • There is currently no conversion tool to convert from an old form to a new form.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
  • Jennifer for what it's worth, I asked this to Sharon of QB Junkie. 

    She has a post that might help. I went through her tutorial and the toggle she developed works. Not sure if it will work for what you want. The lesson was a good exercise in using the new forms.  

    This is a free tip from her. I think she is developing a course with more detail, but this was not too bad. I at least learned how to use new forms. 

    Bob T.