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2 years ago

Only show parent records as an option based on answer to a field

I have a 4 tables; Testing Procedures, Requirements, Compliances, Applicabilities. 

Each Requirement has multiple Testing Procedures. Each Requirement has a Compliance. The last tabel Applicabilities has a form where a user will check boxes if they apply to them. Certain Requirements and certain Testing Procedures will only apply to the user if they have checked a certain Applicability field. 

On the Compliances form I want only the requirements that are able to be applicable to be able to be chosen for the related Requirement. Additionally I want the testing procedures that are not applicable to be hidden. 

Is this functionality possible without having to make different user roles and views? 

Lydia Mitchell

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  • Is Applicabilities related to anything?

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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    It does not sound like you have enough tables or the relationships.   If I am following you then you need seven tables

    Three tables have all User, all Compliance Objects, all Test Procedures

    You then build Requirements for each Compliance Object and the Test Procedures for each Requirement

    Users pick their Requirements and that determines the User Test Procedures.  It would look like this:

    Don Larson