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11 months ago

Outlook Pipeline - Error Remote Service

Hi Team

So I posted yesterday regarding sending an email with attachments from QB via the Pipeline Outlook Channel.  Now it worked yesterday but when I tested this morning it is no longer working and throwing up the error -

Remote service reported an error: HTTP status code 404 for URL

The image below is the pipeline for Attachments* (list)

I also tried running the Pipeline without an attachment and it threw up the error -

Validation Error: Please provide a valid source url(s).

Does this mean I have to create separate pipelines? One for attachments and one without?

Thank you in advance for any responses regarding this post.

Jessica Matenga

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  • Have tried using the file_transfer_handle as opposed to the browser_url? The browser URL is the reference to the location in Qiuckbase, where as the file_transfer_handle is how Pipelines actually moves the content. 

    So in your URL instead of {{a.file_attachment.browser_url}} it should be {{a.file_attachment.file_transfer_handle}}

    Chayce Duncan
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      Hi team

      I have managed to get the pipeline to send one file attachment, how do I get it to send multiple attachments.  Have tried to follow the channel instructions but it is not clear.


      Jessica Matenga
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        You have to put the Name (file name) and URL (file transfer handler) of each file on a new line. 



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