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2 years ago

Outlook Pipeline

We need to be able to send multiple documents, if they are attached or not.  I have this working, but if the middle document is blank, it will error out.   If the first two have attachments but the 3rd doesn't, it's fine.   Any thoughts?

Attachment Name:
{% if a.well_report_document.file_name is not none %}{{a.well_report_document.file_name}}{% endif %}
{% if a.mud_report_attachment.file_name is not none %}{{a.mud_report_attachment.file_name}}{% endif %}
{% if a.survey_attachment.file_name is not none %}{{a.survey_attachment.file_name}}{% endif %}
{% if a.additional_attachment.file_name is not none %}{{a.additional_attachment.file_name}}{% endif %}

{% if a.well_report_document.file_transfer_handle is not none %}{{a.well_report_document.file_transfer_handle}}{% endif %}
{% if a.mud_report_attachment.file_transfer_handle is not none %}{{a.mud_report_attachment.file_transfer_handle}}{% endif %}
{% if a.survey_attachment.file_transfer_handle is not none %}{{a.survey_attachment.file_transfer_handle}}{% endif %}
{% if a.additional_attachment.file_transfer_handle is not none %}{{a.additional_attachment.file_transfer_handle}}{% endif %}

Jeff Hughes
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