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Over By week

OVERTIME BY WEEK I'm having trouble working out overtime in a summary report. I have a daily time card with [Time In] [Time Out] and it gives me ours worked per day, every day a new record is created with the time in time out. The state of Louisiana mandates overtime as (everything after 40 hours in a week is overtime, not anything over 8 hours per day) I need a report that will total all the standard hours and overtime ours for all employees or all projects project. This is easy if i use only one employee but if i have more than one employee i find the report will stop counting standard ours. Im including a screenshot this is as close as I've gotten you can clearly see these totals are in correct 
Here are my formulas. These formulas are in "Summary Formulas" in the summary report.
Standard time
If([hours_to_number (tot)]>40,40,
If([hours_to_number (tot)]<40,[hours_to_number (tot)]))
If([hours_to_number (tot)]>40,Max(0,[hours_to_number (tot)]-40))

Donnie Burke
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