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2 years ago

Override a date formula field?


I've created a formula date field to auto-populate the date two weeks from today


but I want to allow the users to override it. 

Normally they would have a call every two weeks but there could be occasions where they/the customer will be on vacation or the date just doesn't work for the customer.

Any ideas?

Julie Bowers

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  • Hey Julie, 

    Try creating a regular Date field and another Formula Date field. Make the Date field your "manual" entry. Personally, I like to include "Manual" in the field name. In the 2nd Formula Date field, use the formula below. 

    Nz([Call Date (Manual)],[Call Date +14])

    Ashley Harris
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      Thank you both for the suggestions! This will definitely work for us!

      Julie Bowers
  • Hey Julie,

    It sounds like you'd need to another Date field the User can optionally fill out to override the default calculation. For example,

    If (
        // Was an override provided? If so, use it instead!
        not IsNull([Date Override]),
        [Date Override],

        // Default to your existing two week logic
        Today() + Days(14)

    Hopefully that gives you some ideas!

    Brian Seymour