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3 years ago

Overwriting/Amending the records in a table

To explain this, say there are four columns as below. In order to avoid entry of duplicates, I concatenated Customer and Sub ID and made it unique.
Customer Sub ID Sales Key
10001 A1 $100 10001A1
10001 A2 $100 10001A2
10002 A3 $100 10002A3
10002 A2 $100 10002A2
10002 A1 $100 10002A1

Now, if I upload a CSV file to update sales for Cusomer: 10002 & sub id's A1& A2, QB rejects as duplicate records. 

If I don't make it(customer & sub id) key, the table will get duplicate records. If I allow it, QB by default will not allow updates of sales for the key.

How can I overcome this challenge?

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