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8 months ago

Parse JSON field value in Pipelines based on another field value from the object

Hi All,

I'm trying to parse a specific value from the JSON. I'm trying to get the value of the "display_value" where the object's GID is equal to "1205664665921946". I need to get it based on the GID field value because the order of the custom_field objects can change.

JSON sample (yellow number is what I need to parse)

  "data": {
    "gid": "1205719503165790",
    "custom_fields": [
        "gid": "1202162434601082",
        "name": "Request Priority",
        "display_value": "Low"
        "gid": "1202169451444424",
        "name": "Associated Product",
        "display_value": "C"
        "gid": "1205664665921946",
        "name": "Primary URL",
        "display_value": ""
        "gid": "1205713042708147",
        "name": "Reporting URL",
        "display_value": null

Method 1: Filter query

I tried using filter queries in the Iterate over JSON records step, but I get "Found no JSON object items" in the activity log. See this screenshot for the filter.

I then use this formula in the Regex step to extract the number from the URL: {{c.data_0.custom_fields[0].display_value}}

Method 2: Jinja

I also tried using this Jinja, but I'm getting an error: "Validation error: {'text': 'required field'}"

{% set target_gid = "1205664665921946" %}
{% set url = "" %}

{% for custom_field in c.data_0.custom_fields %}
{% if custom_field.gid == target_gid %}
{% set url = custom_field.display_value|string %}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

{{ url }}


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  • What are the results if the filter is removed?

    Usually when I am working on parsing JSON, there is some odd syntax missing or I am thinking about the filter differently than how to extract the desired result.

    An alternative is to extract the entire array "custom_fields" and place the values in a new object, then loop through that instead of looping through the nested array.

    Jim Harrison
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      The filter doesn't seem to do anything based on my testing, so it's the same result in the activity log either way.

      @Jim Harrison - do you have an example you can share? Maybe a screenshot of the flow in Pipelines or the Jinja code? 

      I've tried tons of different methods but can't find a solution.

      • Looping through each custom field using the Loop step, then using if conditions in Jinja to get the value when the gid matches a certain value. Result: No value returned.
      • Looping through each custom field using Jinja (see code in my orig post). Result: No value returned.

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        Have you removed the limit of 1 in the JSON handler? Your path looks like the JSON loop should be iterating correctly - setting it to a limit of 1 though stands out. I've never used that as I've never had a reason to limit the JSON response.

        Chayce Duncan
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    The jinja isn't working as you expect because you need to use a namespace to access variables inside a for loop:

    {% set target_gid = "1205664665921946" -%}
    {% set ns = namespace(url='') -%}
    {% for custom_field in c.data_0.custom_fields -%}
    {% if custom_field.gid == target_gid -%}
    {% set ns.url = custom_field.display_value|string -%}
    {% endif -%}
    {% endfor -%}
    {{ ns.url }

    Also, you should add a hyphen before the closing statement tags (see code above) to suppress line breaks otherwise you'll have a bunch of blank lines before the final value.

    Hope that helps!

    Doug Henning