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3 years ago

PDF or Print Link in Email notification


I have an email notification that sends out a link to the created record. Is it possible to have a print PDF link in the email instead of the record link.

Mackenzie Phillips

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  • No native ability and QuickBase to create a PDF. 

    It's possible to use add-ons from Juiced  to create a specifically formatted PDF using their Exact Firms Plus Add ON, and and then if you'd like email, they have a second add on "Courier" which will do the emailing from you own server so that the email comes though looking fully legitimate. 

    The trigger to the process can be combined to one button generates the PDF and then as soon as the PDF is uploaded to your record about five seconds later than it will trigger Juiced to grab that email attachment and email it out to an email address(s)  on the record

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      ^ thank you Mark!

      Keith Jusas