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2 months ago

Pie Chart Help

I have a list of "Project Types".  Attached is a summary report of this table and field.  But, I really want to show it in a Pie Chart.  Specifically, I want "Commercial EPR New Build and "Commercial NewBuild" grouped into one category and then all others in a "Other" category.  

I am thinking a report formula using the Count function.  Is that right?


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  • So in the end do you just want a pie chart with 2 slice, one labeled New Build, and a 2nd labeled Other?

    If so, I would make a formula text field called [Type Simplified] with a formula:

    If([Type]="Commercial NewBuild" or [Type]="Commercial EPR NewBuild", "New Build", "Other".

    Then just make a pie chart using the [Type Simplified] Field.