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Qrew Cadet
2 years ago

Pipeline - Skipped because set values are the same as in source object


I am trying to pull a metric from one app and put it in a field on another app. I created a formula query field that looks at all applicable records in the current year. All applicable records show this total % as a text value. I've created a pipeline to (A) search all records where that field Is Set. This search yields 12 records. I then have the pipeline (B) look up the specific metric record this value needs to go to. Then (C) update the "Actual" field with this value.

The pipeline yields 12 records, when I really only need one. I don't care how this is accomplished; can be a max value, average of them all, or just pulling the data from the first value in the array (i've chose the latter which you will see in my YAML code.

The issue I'm running into is Step C is skipping on my pipeline saying "skipped because set values are the same as in source object." I'm not sure why it is doing this. Hoping someone can help troubleshoot this or advise of a better solution. I didn't come up with the structure for all of this. Just trying to make the best of what exists.

YAML: (Note, I've replaced Table IDs with "TABLE")

# PSES Metric - % On Time DCPs

# Account slugs:
#  - quickbase

: Pipelines - PSES Metrics <None>
    name: PSES Metric - % On Time DCPs
    - PSES Metrics
- QUERY quickbase
record search -> a:
    - AND:
      - on_time_dc_ps_current_year_total set
      export_fields: '"% On Time DCPs - Current Year Total" <751>'
      table: '"Generation Portfolio Management: Projects" <TABLE>'
- LOOKUP quickbase
record look_up -> b:
      table: '"PSES Metrics: Department Metrics" <TABLE>'
      export_fields: '"Actual" <33>'
      id: '65'
- b<>ACTION quickbase record update -> c:
      actual: '{{ a[1].on_time_dc_ps_current_year_total }}'

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Curtis Middleton

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