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7 months ago

Pipeline Error Emails - There has been an error in your pipeline.

Earlier this year, the people incharge of the development of Pipelines stated on a zoom call, that the Pipeline Error messages would be improved & become more useful. Here were are almost a year later, and I still receive emails with a subject line of "Error on Pipeline 5449755848XXXXXXX" with the generic body of "There has been an error in your pipeline." Unless I click on each email, I don't know if the message is anything we need to worry about.

If you are like us, we have a LOT of pipelines. Some that have periodic errors, that we can't control or fix. So basically these emails have gone from "something is broken; look into a fix", to the boy who cries wolf (and are ignored, until someone notices an update hasn't run for over a day!)

We have even gone through the trouble of creating our own QB logging table for our pipelines, where we write a log file at the start time of the pipeline, and update that record at the end of the pipeline (so if the record isn't marked completed within 30 minutes, it becomes an "error". ) This allows us to have direct links to the pipeline activity log, record the file that was used to update a record, show how many records were added/updated/processed, and more. 

Hoping that someone from the Pipelines team sees this, or someone who is better in the know... who can share when this "improvement" to error emails will be realized. Even if they just replace "Error on Pipeline 5449755848XXXXXXX" with the name of the actual pipeline would go a LONG way for most users!

Joe Drosen
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