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3 months ago

Pipeline error: Remote API returned authentication error -- Processed|Added|Updated|Unchanged

Hello fellow Quickbasers! I'm working with a scheduled pipeline and the bulk record sets steps. The PL searches the Sites table in App A and send two fields' values to two fields in a Sites table in App B. Both of these tables are connected tables and share the Record ID#2 value (which is also both of their key fields).

The Pipeline searches and finds the records in App A and then adds the bulk upsert rows in App B (this step should always be an update because of the merge key). At the Commit Upsert step, the Pipeline returns the error below with no further info. Two questions - Has anyone seen this? Does anyone have experience using a non built-in record ID field as the merge key?



Remote API returned authentication error -- Processed: 0 - Added: 0 - Updated: 0 - Unchanged: 0

PL Steps:

A: Prepare bulk upsert

B: Search Records

C: (start Loop) Add a Bulk Upsert Row (end Loop)

D: Commit Upsert

Raymond Sakar

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  • The Key field shouldn't make a difference so long as you're including it in the bulk upsert row properly. Your error states an authentication issue, can you confirm that the account/token you're using has access to update in Table B? I could see one of 2 possible things happening: 

    1. You're trying to update fields that are part of the sync which are not editable
    2. You have your keys mixed up and so you're potentially trying to add records or not finding the right match which also isn't possible in a sync table.

    If you're mapping Record ID#2 to RecordID#2 as the merge field in Table 2 and the fields are editable then there shouldn't be any issues. 

    Chayce Duncan