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10 months ago

Pipeline Help Needed: Quickbooks Online to Quickbase Bulk Data

Hello Everyone

I am trying to get bulk data from quickbooks online to quickbase.

My process is:

1.Prepare record upsert

2.Search QBO Table (Bills)

---- For Each

---- ---- Add a bulk upsert raw

3. Commit upsert

I am getting following errors.

Remote service reported an error: {u'Fault': {u'type': u'ValidationFault', u'Error': [{u'Message': u'Unsupported Operation', u'code': u'500', u'Detail': u'Operation Could not find resource for relative : /v3/company/9130356249818236/expense_account/470 of full path: is not supported.'}]}, u'time': u'2023-08-17T08:00:46.141-07:00'}


So My question are:

  1. Am I doing the right process? If not, How can I do it? Any resource link related to this will be helpful. 

Thank You.

Syed Ahsan Sirat
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