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4 months ago

Pipeline JSON Issue


We are pushing information into a pipeline and the form tool is pushing all of the information that we need into the body. We are unable to then map them to the fields inside of our QB. 

This is how we see the data come into the "body" field:

"{"triggerType":"form_submission","payload":{"name":"Email Form","siteId":"65aaab6438faa353e3c27742","data":{"Debt":"$10k - $20k","How are you paying your debt?":"Paying above the minimums","ZIP Code":"46077","Street Address":"123 Main St","City":"Indianapolis","State of residence":"Indiana","First Name":"TEST","Last Name":"TEST","Income Amount":"12300","Phone Number":"111111111111","Field 16":"1980-07-10","Email":""},"submittedAt":"2024-02-05T21:56:30.208Z","id":"65c1598e6dbf679c83687274","formId":"65ad82f306b073210dd5862d"}}"

I have tried: {{a.body.payload.Data.Phone_Number}} in the field but it is not showing anything.

Benjamin Brooks

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  • How are you pushing it? Is the pipeline acting like a server that you're POSTing to? It seems that the body is not being treated as JSON so you may need to play with jinja filters or take the body contents and try to pass it through the JSON channel so that the Pipeline is forced to read it as JSON. Are you using the 'Incoming JSON' action from the JSON channel to receive the information? 

    Chayce Duncan
  • Below your body , you should also see a body_json object , if you do then you simply access your items with 

    IF YES , you can access