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2 years ago

Pipeline Not Transferring Ownership Properly

So I have a bunch of pipelines that are used to create records on my app. For each of my pipelines that create records, there is an html request that is used to transfer ownership based on the person who last modified the record which will always be the person who created the record in this case. 


Last night, a user created a record, but the record owner field pointed to my name. When I checked the activity of the pipeline, I went to the body of the response and it showed my name in last modified property of the object. And this was in the first step of the pipeline where a user triggers it by making a change. I wasn't even logged into the app the time the pipeline had run.

Does this have to do with usertokens? Any help would be much appreciated.

James Dalton

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  • It sounds like you've created an unfortunate loop issue. When you have Pipelines edit the Record Owner, I believe it will set that user as the Last Modified. Which will then trigger the change to the Record Owner, which will repeat until both Last Modified by and Record Owner are the same value. I would suggest setting a filter on the trigger so that it is not triggered when Last Modified by is equal to the user that owns the UserToken for the Pipeline. If that user is you, you'll probably want to look into using a service user for your Pipelines so that your work and the work done by Pipelines actions can be kept separate.

    Blake Harrison