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11 months ago

Pipeline triggering on Google Sheet Row Created - header row?

Hello! I have a Google Sheet. I want that when somebody adds a row to this Google Sheet, the Pipeline triggers a search of records in a QB table, matching values in the QB table to the value entered in the new GSheet row. Anyway, I'm having a bit of trouble getting the Pipeline to connect. I entered the spreadsheet and sheet IDs (which will be static) in the first two fields. Not sure what to put under Header row. My first row has A1: "Timestamp" and B1: "Email" and that's it so far. That's my header row, so what goes in the Pipeline step? When I put 1 (as shown in the image above), I get a message, "Internal error. Please contact support to investigate." Why can't Pipelines access the spreadsheet? I know my Google account has permissions (I created the spreadsheet).

Aaron Alpert
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