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2 years ago

Pipelines Date/Time Jinja Date is Between Two Dates-Send Auto

I am trying to search for when a date/time field will fall between essentially a 24 hour window starting from when the pipeline is triggered (likely hourly but potentially 3 different pipelines with 3 different times daily)

Ultimately this is going to trigger a text message through our Twilio connection.

It keeps posting as "No Records Found" and it is killing me! I tested the Jinja in some date/time fields and that part seems to be working.  I don't know why it is saying "No Records Found"


[Date/Time Filed] is between

{{|timezone('America/Los_Angeles') }}

{{|timezone('America/Los_Angeles') }}


Checkbox Field #1 is yes

Checkbox Field#2 is yes

When I look at the [Date/Time Field] it 100% is between the two times.  

I even tested the Jinja Expression in other fields to make sure it is printing the correct times and it is!

Any and all guidance is appreciated.

Joseph Mahon

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  • I fixed my issue with a different solution but would still love to know what wasn't working here.

    My solution was just to create a formula check box that turns on when the above was met and then search the the records for when the check was was true on a daily basis. 

    Joseph Mahon