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2 years ago

Pipelines details gone?

When a pipeline failed (or just in general), I used to be able to see which fields were trying to be updated, the record ID acted on, etc. A good chunk of helpful data. 

I don't see that anymore. Is it gone, or am I looking in the wrong spot? It used to show in your activities, you could expand for more details.

Michael Tamoush

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    I spent "hours" debugging one yesterday and had all that detail.  I would have failed to fix it with out it.

    Don Larson
  • Hey Michael,

    The Pipelines run details are found under the Activities section (top-right nav). The URL is something like:

    You'll need to login with an account that is able to manage your Pipelines. Once your on the Activities page, you'll need to to find the Pipeline run, review it's steps and expand the
    Input/output link to reveal the details.

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      I decided to look deeper, and I figured it out, but this is noteworthy for others.

      We have a 'Service Account' which all the Pipelines are built under. However, I have a personal account which I can say 'Switch to User' and see and modify all the pipelines.

      HOWEVER, if you look at the activities from my personal account (while using switch to user) you do NOT get to see all of the input and output. I needed to log in under the actual account the Pipelines are built under to watch it run.

      Interestingly, when I am using the Sync function and watching the pipeline run in real time, I can see all the inputs and outputs no matter what account I am on.

      To note, both my Personal and Service account can edit and manage all pipelines. They are however, 'owned' by the service account.

      Mike Tamoush
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        Yes, that is expected behavior. The brain trust at Quickbase are still wrestling with the governance issue. Their concern is that an authorized people will be able to see confidential data and that's why they are hiding the details of the pipeline run unless you're actually signed on as the pipeline owner.

        Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)