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12 months ago

Pipelines Errors


I'm using "Call Pipeline" and "Callable Pipeline" to log some Activities information into a QB table, to help me troubleshoot when needed.

So, for each run I'm logging the URL of this run, Pipeline name ...etc

Using some Jinja functions like {{}} {{a|count}} $prev ...etc

I really need to also log if the step returned an error (Example attached)
and if possible, to print that error.

Any thoughts will be appreciated, Thanks!

Adnan Mohamed

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  • Unfortunately,  I don't think it's possible to capture these errors in a way that allows you to use them within a pipeline.   You can have the system email you when an error occurs, but that's it.   

    You'll need to monitor for these errors and then build conditions into the pipeline to handle them when when occur.    

    Jeff Peterson