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3 years ago

Pipelines JSON Handler - Fetch JSON URL

Trying to get an import of data from a file to create records in a QB app.  I tried the CSV Handler but there is a 10K row max whereas my file will always be greater than 10K.  Started looking into the JSON Handler as I can create a JSON file via my Alteryx workflow.

The wall I'm hitting at the moment is the JSON URL within the Fetch JSON step.  Since my JSON file is stored on my OneDrive, no other option and the pipeline starts with a OneDrive trigger, I can't seem to figure out how to populate the JSON URL field.  I've tried a few different variations based on what I can find on the web (new to JSON).

When I paste in the filepath to the OneDrive, I get "validation error: no connection adapters were found for 'C:\\Users\\xxxx'.  (double clashes were added even though I copied single slashes into the URL)
I then changed it to 'file://localhost/C:/Users/xxxx' with the same validation error.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Robin Mcintosh
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