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2 years ago

Pipelines Missing "Switch to User Option" Due to CSR Access Turned On

We recently had an issue where we lost the ability to switch between users in Pipelines. This made using Pipelines very difficult, as my boss and I both build and maintain pipelines (but couldn't see each other's work).

Our Quickbase Technical Enablement Consultant was unsure why this option disappeared. He said that tech support has a feature that utilizes CSR Access, so they can access our systems without needing to be added as users to our pipelines.

It ended up, that by having this option turned on, QB Customer Service Reps can access our pipelines, but also removed our ability to switch between users. This was a surprise to both of us, as this isn't documented anywhere. I am posting this, with hopes that they will add a note under the "Care Access" menu, so that clients are aware of the functionality that will disappear. 

I have since turned this option off and logged out. Upon logging back in, I can now switch between users in Pipelines once again!

Joe Drosen
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