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2 years ago

PIPELINEs Using "Run"

Good morning,

If a Pipeline is set up based on selecting "Run" to begin your Pipeline activity, can others access to run as a backup?  Or only the person who set it up?

Kathy Benjamin

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  • Unfortunately, under the current "Governance" model of access only those with access can see the Pipeline to edit it or run it.  To see a Pipeline you either need to have the most high level access to the whole Realm and be able to "switch Users" on the Pipelines page or else you need to have thew Pipeline be owned by a Service Account with shared credentials.

    An alternative would e to have some kind of admin record table and have a user check a checkbox to trigger the pipeline or add a record  but you would need to rewrite the pipeline to trigger on say "Record Added" to that table.  Then control access to that exposed table.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)