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2 years ago

Pop-up Message that has multiple buttons

My client asked for a button that upon trying to save a record, if they left some selections as "no", a message would pop-up asking them either to confirm that is correct, or go back to the form and make changes. 

I know I can set up a message based on the selections in those fields, but giving them more than one button option I assume is going to require some special coding. The message would also need to list the fields that were left as "no".

Chris Swirtz

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  • Hi Chris,

    For this kind of use case you could use custom data rules to prevent a save if data is left blank in key fields and then have a checkbox field that someone could check that is labeled with something like "I confirm that by checking this box I am submitting this record with fields left blank." if you wanted something more low tech in QB.

    If you want that pop up with messages you might need to look into a custom code page, our code page sample app has some examples that could be a starting off point of the kind of workflows you might be able to set up. Taking them to the next level to be customized for your needs is something that goes outside of standard QB though and does take knowledge of coding or the interest in learning. That is also the kind of work that a QB Partner could possibly help you with. I hope that info is helpful.

    Evan Martinez