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2 years ago

Populating same data on a click of a button


I am creating a new app for everytime there is a new station that opens, there are part orders that get ordered. So basically when you click a button "New Station" a report will populate with all the part orders, suppliers and a lot more fields. Its about 300 line items. So when a new station opens,  the customer can click the button, the report will populate and they can edit the report if the part number has changed or price has increased. 

I have someone who created a similar app and used the below formula on the field (URL Forumla)

If([# of Reviewers] < 3,"javascript:void(copyMasterDetailButtonHandler('&sourcerid=169&destrid=" & [Record ID#] & "', 'bpii57gip'))") because it says (# of Reviewers] 

How do I use this formula in creating what I am looking for. 

Thanks in advance

Sunakshi Sethi

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  • So it sounds like you want some form of templating method to create a preset and then generate that preset whenever you have a 'New Station'.

    Couple ways you can do this but if you could tell me how you have set up your relationships/tables I can give you a better answer.

    The idea is that you set up a parent record as the source of your template, and using the copy feature you can recreate that parent record and include all the children records it has as well. 

    Josh Hamilton