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3 years ago

Print Rich text field

I having issues trying to get my rich text filed to print as they appear:
This is what I want

This is what I get:

Code Below:
var text Bcolor= Case( [Blg ##],1,"#FF00FF",2,"Green",3,"F87A17",4,"#0000FF");//#4E9258
var text tcolor= Case( [Blg ##],1,"#FFFF00",2,"#FFFF00",3,"FFFFFF",4,"#000000");

var text STYLE = List(";",
"background:"& $Bcolor, //button color
"color:"& $tcolor, //text color
"text-align:center", //text alignment
//"text-decoration:bold", //none, underline, line-through
"font: 36px Calibri", //text size, font, style
//"border: 2px solid #0000FF", //border width, style, & color
//"border-radius: 80px", //roundness of button corners
"width: 275px", //button width
"padding: 60px 60px") //space between text & button

"<div style='" & $style & "'>BOX# "&[BOX ID#]&" <br /> TB-"& [Blg ##]&"</div>"

Any Ideas?

Dan McLaughlin

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  • The may be caused by a printer setting on your browser. Try going into the Print menu for the browser you are using and look for an option to show background graphics. The terminology may be a bit different depending on which browser you are using. Chrome is "Background Graphics".  Firefox is "Print Backgrounds".

    Another way to tell if this is it the wrong way is that if you go to print a report that has row shading and you don't see any colours when you print, that is the same setting. 

    I have not tested this in your specific use case but I know it applies to Row Colorization.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)