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12 months ago

Printing New Forms

Is there a way to print the new form format? 

Carly Epley

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  • Hey Carly, 

    Thanks for reaching out! Printing records using our new forms isn't supported yet, but it is in our near-term plans. Make sure to add this request to our feedback platform, it helps us gauge customer demand and you'll be notified of any updates in our progess.



    Ryan Murray
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      Ryan, with all due respect to the feedback approach you are suggesting here, it feels wrong that the customer has to submit feedback just to get standard features added back into a product that has been around for years.


      • ifv=1
      • Print form action
      • Embedded reports that are sleek and don't have large full-row buttons and widgets at the top, which cannot be removed (Full Report and Search Records).
      • Copy record

      Alright everybody, I guess if we scream loud enough about getting the old standard features back in New Forms we may be taken more seriously.  Submit feedback!

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      Hey Ryan, Great job at Empower!!  is it possible to create a button formula to print the record in the interim? 

      Ann Swelgin
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        FWIW, I tried the usual syntax ?a=printr&rid= ... and it printed on an old form style.  It did not use the default form on that table which was a new form.

        Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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    I tried the new form design today after being hesitant to use it after their release. After all the formatting is done i went to create a button for printing the form and I came to know that this feature to print is not yet available in the new form design.
    I wanted to express my disappointment as this resulted in a significant loss of time on my end.
    I would like to kindly suggest that future updates be more comprehensive in terms of functionality before being rolled out to users.