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2 years ago

Pull all fields from a table using query for data api


I am trying to write a API query to pull all data for a given Quickbase table.  Is there a way to pull the fields without having to list each field individually?
I saw there a 'clist' parameter that can be used but I'm not sure how to use that one.


Sangeeta Ram

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  • If you're trying to get all the data out of a table (data, not schema) then you can use the ?a=ImportExport screen to export an entire table of data to CSV format.

    If you're trying to get all the schema out of a table, I recommend using the Application Documentor in the Exchange published by Ryan Pflederer; which is a great tool and does the work in minutes.

    If you're trying to backup your entire Application Data content, I recommend using the QuNect Backup tool which will download ALL your data form ALL your tables into CSV format.

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