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7 months ago

QB Access issue!

Hi There,


I'm from HCB Cloud CoE team and we are extensively using QB for our day to day work tracking purpose. Im an administrator for several application, however, when we try to add new member as a viewer or participant, a pop-message shows saying, Realm admin must register new member.

Please let me know how I can add our teammates to access QB apps and how can I figure out who is our Realm admin?



Kazi Anisha Falguni

Sr Analyst, Application Development






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Thank you, Aetna

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  • Hey Kazi,

    I suggest opening a Support Ticket with Quickbase by logging into your account then clicking the "?" icon in the top-right and then clicking "Manage Support Cases" where you can open a new ticket.

    I imagine you are not seeing the "Manage My Account" link in the right side when you login (on the "My Apps") page … so, perhaps as a workaround, you could go into any table in your app, click setting (gear icon in top-left) and then click "Notifications, subscriptions & reminders." Then, click "New Email" select Notification and hit Create. Now, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and fly out the "Advanced options" and you may see the email listed as the "Application Manager." That's a kinda random approach, but maybe that helps? Otherwise, I'd open a ticket and the QB Team typically responds quickly :)

    Brian Seymour