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4 years ago

QB Admin Console '01-01-1900'

I've got an app with a connected table to Quick Base Admin Console.  I've related the table to users and to apps to pull in the maximum date a user has accessed the app.

For some users whom have never accessed the app the date reads as "01-01-1900". Now I'm finding that this date is on some users' records who have entered the app. For example my user record was listed as last accessing an app on 01-01-1900, but I am the owner of the app and have accessed it in the past year.

A lot of these apps were copies. I don't know if that has something to do with it. Has anyone else seen this in their admin console?

Heather Bryant

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  • Hi Heather, hmm that does sound confusing!

    I think the proper behavior there would be, Last Accessed is blank if the user has never accessed the app, and it's got a date otherwise. I wonder if, as you say, copying an app doesn't carry the date over (which feels like a good thing). Either way, the 1900 date is strange. Can you open a support case so we can investigate and verify what the pattern is here?

    Brian Cafferelli